eGambling license

Western Sahara Management and Advisory Corporation provides different banking and financial services in the jurisdiction of SADR, including eGambling license.

There are two categories of eGambling license:

License authorizes the organization and preparation of gambling operations, namely the registration and verification of players, the contractual relationship with them, and the management of player funds.

License authorizes the effecting of the gambling transaction including operational management of a gambling platform located within an approved hosting center.

Depending on their proposed operations, an organisation may apply for one or both types of license.


1 day

Booking the name of the company – 1 day

2-3 weeeks

eGambling license approval: upon receipt of application fee, approved application form and KYC documents (scans ok to initiate) – 2-3 weeks

2 days

When the funds are received and confirmed, the CRA of SADR may take 2 days to register and notarise the license.

Please notice that there is an application fee of USD 3, 600.00 for the services of WSMAC, setting up and all the formalities which should be send after approving your application form and all requested documents. After approving and prepending the license you need to pay the cost to the Central Reserve Authority of SADR according to its fees.

eGambling license costs

1 Category

Authorizes the organization and preparation of gambling operations

11,500.00 USD

2 Category

Authorizes the effecting of the gambling transaction

25,000.00 USD

FAQ about eGambling license

$ 11,500 for the license (cat.1) per year Yes
Are there other costs to be expected? No
It takes 3 weeks to create the company and obtain the online gambling license? No
There is no restricted / prohibited and forbidden market Correct
Do we need to provide proof of accounting? Not applicable
What are the tax rules in Western Sahara? Are there any taxes? No taxes
Should we need a company secretary? No
Is there a legal minimum share capital? The minimum capital is USD
Should the company open a bank account in a western saharian bank? You need to open a bank account
outside of Western Sahara.

Application form and documents

Signed application form;

Personal info including name, address, phone number and email of all directors/shareholders;

Bank referense;

Business reference;

ID of all directors/shareholders;

Business plan;

It is required for the business owner, the Board member, the real beneficiary or the proprietor to submit a statement from the penalty register in one’s country of origin or an equivalent document issued by a judicial or administrative authority confirming the absence of penalties for crimes committed against government authorities, money laundering crimes or another deliberate crimes no earlier than three months ago and certified by a notary or in another similar way and legalised or approved by the certificate replacing legalisation (Apostille), unless otherwise provided by an international treaty.

In order to start an application process please download an application form, fill it in the correct way and send it back to

We assist our clients in every step of the license obtaining process.

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